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Schecter HellRaiser Electric w/EMG's (excellent condition)
Daisy Rock Electric Gtr Package(Gtr, Amp, tuner, Strap)
Hamer Slammer 4-string Electic Bass(used)
Warwick Rockbass Corvette 4-string lefty w/MEC's & Gig Bag (display)
Rocktron B-300 Utopia Bass FX Pedal Board(display)
Peavey Rockmaster 100w (Tube)valve Head (used)
Zildjian ZHT Hi-Hats (display)
Zildjian ZHT Ride (display)
Crate 100w GX1600(80's) Guitar Amp Head(used)
Sylkyn 50w 1-12" Valve Combo w/Footswitch (Like New )
Huge Selection of Instrument Cases & Bags.......What's on your wishlist?
Yamaha LL6 Dreadnaught (near new)  w/Featherlight case(near new)
Agile Electric SG Style (near new)
DW/Pacific "Ace" Snare Drum(display)
GMS Grandmaster (Double Bass) 7-piece Rock/Metal Kit (Used)
Sabian 14" AA Hats (used)
Recording King RD-127 Acoustic (like new)
Zildjian ZXT Ride(used)
Sabian 20" Chinese Cymbal (used)
Sabian 10" AAX Splash (used) $50-
Schecter C-1 Electric w/"Vine of Life" Inlay & Seymour Duncan "Black Outs" (like new)
GMS Grandmaster 6-piece Rock/Fusio Kit(used)
Traynor 2-channel 50w Valve Head w/footswitch (like New)
Pearl Double Braced Boomstand(used)
Marshall JCM900 Dual Reverb 2-12" Combo(used)
Hamer Slammer 6-string Electric(used)
Austin Electric SG Style(used)
ESP Electric(reversed headstock) w/EMG's & Trem (used)
SWR Super Redhead Combo(used)
Ziljian ZHT Crash(used)
Trace Elliot 1518 Cab(display)
Sabian "Rod Morganstein"  21" Ride (used)
Zildjian ZHT splash(used)
Crate GX-10 Guitar Combo(used)
Dean 4-string A/E Bass(used)
Reverand "Ron Ashton" Flying V w/case(like new)
Ampeg SVT-350 Bass Head(used)
EB/MM 4-string Electric Bass Copy(used)
PDP/Pacific Double Braced Boomstand(used)
DW/Pacific "Black Out" Snare drum(display)